Thursday, 8 July 2010

Rubies and Tin

A very timely challenge on Daring Card Makers this week, as it is:

Birthstone for July is Rubies

On Sunday (11 July) it is my Mum and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary which is traditionally a Ruby Anniversary. And today is our 10th (tin) Wedding Anniversary!

And even though I've known for quite some time that I would need to make a special card for my parents, I've still left it to the last moment. To the point that I could not sleep last night for thinking about it, so got back up at 11:15 and made the card whilst peace and quiet reigned throughout the house! I was in danger of gluing my fingers to the table by 1:15am so went back to bed.

This is a very similar layout to the Sapphire Anniversary card I made a few months ago, but as it worked and I liked it, I decided to replicate it here! The photos are scanned copies of their Wedding ones so I could get them to a workable size.

My Mum and Dad look so young! My Mum actually made her own Wedding Dress and her two sisters were Bridesmaids and she made those dresses too! It's quite sad but touchingly funny when I look at the group photo - both sets of Grandparents are no longer here - my maternal Grandparents died in 1977 and 1979 so I have good but limited memories of them, whereas my paternal Grandparents died in 1997 (the week we got engaged) and 2004. The funny ones are my Aunts and Uncles who look so dashing in 1970!

I've used My Mind's Eye Bella Bella 12x12 double sided papers (only used the pattern) plus lightly grained red 12x12 cardstock. The cream ribbon and gems are from my stash, with the red stain edged organza bought especially for the card.

All the paper flowers are from Hobbycraft and they are such a good buy and look so realistic!

The next photo shows where I'll write the message. I actually forgot that I would need somewhere to write to show who it is from....

Oh, the hat pins I've made myself!
On Sunday, Mum and Dad will be in competition with the F1 British Grand Prix and the World Cup Final. They should have known that 40 years ago!!
  • Papers: Printed - Bella Bella from My Mind's Eye; Plain - 12x12 cardstock
  • Ribbon: Mostly my stash, red from Hobbycraft
  • Flowers: All from Hobbycraft
  • Everything else: My stash


  1. wow this is gorgeous!! such a beautiful way to preserve such a precious memory! Hugs Juls

  2. that is such a complete and utter work of art. Just adorable Ruth!

  3. This is absolutely wonderful - I think there'll be tears when they see this - happy ones, of course. Y=They will treasure this not only because you made it for them, but because of the memories it holds

  4. This is fabulous and what a treasure for mum and dad! Thanks for joining in with Daring Cardmakers.

    Lynda xxx

  5. love all of the flips! awesome!


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