Saturday 31 May 2008


Well, I've only been doing this blogging lark since 14 April and I now have 2 more bloggy awards!! This time from Funky Hand Design Team member Kath. She nominated everyone on her blog roll!! Bearing this in mind (and trying not to cross blog), I'm passing this to Swirly, Ethel, Incy, Daisie, JB*JB, Candles-by-Lisa and Saysie. Just because you all make me smile and giggle when I least expect it!

On a roll

Be warned - this post has a bit of a pink theme going on!
My cousin Claire regularly asks me to make cards for her. And as I'd not done any crafting for a week whilst being on holiday, I was itching to get stuck into something! So I made these three cards (amongst others!) on the Saturday and Sunday evening. The vellum flowers and dotty backing are printed from the V Funky CD. Birthday sentiment is one of my own, and its finished off with a raffia ribbon tie.
Super bright pink card from a previous de-stash by Lynsey (I'm using it slowly!) The little bits of glitter are also courtesy of Lynsey from her latest de-stash - its Anita's 3d paint, silver glitter and I love using it!

And this one uses backing paper, again from Funky Hand, and I think its one of the earlier CD's (sorry can't remember as I print papers off and then forget where from!) The letters are die cuts from the Lollipop font by Sizzix that I bought from ebay a while ago, and they have been coloured with felt-tips. The pretty pearlescent flowers are also courtesy of Lynsey.

Friday 30 May 2008

Flirty 30

One of my friends, Hayley (see yesterday's post about the New Job card) asked me to make a 30th Birthday Card for one of her friends. The image is Lola Rose from Pink Petticoat, hand coloured. The flowers, printed onto vellum are from V Funky CD and also the dotty backing paper too. Circle sentiment is from Now That's Funky.

I did make another one, for someone else at the same time (inspiration was in abundance!) but can't show you that one as its not her Birthday until later in the month...!!

Thursday 29 May 2008

New Job

Made a new job card for a friend who I used to work with. Actually she covered my maternity leave first time round and she was that good she stayed!!

Backing paper and and Lola Rose image stamp from Pink Petticoat. The image has been hand coloured with pencil crayons. I silver swirl doodled on the pearlescent lilac tag.

And dotted around the edge of the little tag. The letters are stamped (first time I've used stamps in 8 years!) and then gone over again with a cd black marker pen.

Hayley was suitably impressed with the card! Good luck with the new job!

Ah, but I'm nearly 3,000!!

Posts on the Craft Forum that is!!

So, decided to hold a little competition to see who could guess to the closest day and time of when the momentous occasion will be!! Closing date is 31 May at 12noon. Have a look!

Not sure yet what the winner will be sent, but no doubt something funky and glittery!!

3,000 eh?!! And I only joined on 13 April 2007. Chatterbox? Me??!!

Wednesday 28 May 2008

40,000 & counting!

Nope, not me! But Enfys from the Design Team! Go check out her blog and enter - some fab clear stamps up for grabs! And its a very inspirational blog too!

Holiday part 2

Final lot of pictures from our holiday, and in no particular order!

We visited Exmoor Zoo which was not far from Ilfracombe. Its only a small Zoo and quite compact without the larger animals such as elephants etc. However we were given a map and a list of all the activities and talks scheduled for the day. The first was feeding the otters and a talk. Didn't get any photos. Sorry!

The second talk was a meet the Alpacas. Samuel and Jacob were sort of keen to meet the black one with its new haircut! We were all given the opportunity to touch its neck and was able to spend a few minutes with it. Quite surprised I managed to get this photo as both boys wouldn't really get that close to it!

We then had a bug talk. And were able to touch (oh yes!) a millipede, stick insect and a cockroach. Didn't get any photos you'll be pleased to note! I cannot stand stick insects. A brother of one of my old school friends used to keep them in a tank in his bedroom. And I was scared witless that they'd get out!!

We fed the wallabies also. Jacob was most indignant as he insisted that they snatched and shouted at them!

Rock pools at Combe Martin. Fortunately neither child fell in although there were a few moments when we thought Jacob might do!

Outside the front of the Castle. You can just make out one of the windows from our apartment.

And Ilfracombe from the sea. We went on the Ilfracombe Princess last year (quite choppy going out of the harbour last year but I kept hold of my breakfast!) and decided to do the Exmoor Coast and Waterfall tour. We saw the Castle, much to the boy's delight!

The airplane ride - a firm favourite with Jacob! He loved it! 5 rides in one go was the record!
The staff were fantastic and really nice - a credit to the place! In fact we enjoyed it so much again (it was our second year!) that we've booked again for next year!!

Bowling and Football

Recently commissioned Birthday card by Amanda (Colourart from the Forum). Evan is having a bowling party and he's just had his bedroom redecorated in a football theme (with wonderful paintings by his very talented Mum!)

Happy Birthday Evan!!

Monday 26 May 2008


Just as I thought I'd caught up with the washing from being away for a week, Jacob starts throwing up. Now, you know he's ill when he does that as he is loathe to part with any food, whether it be inside his tummy or in his grubby mits.

He's a good patient when he's ill as he only wants to sleep and is very quiet. So he's allowed to be poorly.

He's actually a lot better today as been fighting with Samuel and being his usual self.

Samuel, on the other hand, can vomit on command - virtually! And usually on our bed. Or once it was completely all in my handbag.....

So, the title of this post was a bit of a lie, wasn't it.


Sunday 25 May 2008

Circle of Friends Tag

Been tagged again!! This time by fellow Funky Hand Design Team mate Heather. So I'm passing the Circle of Friends tag onto Incy Wincy, Swirlyarts and Daisie Davies. Sorry girls if you've already been 'done' but trying to catch up on all blogs!!

Ear Gobbles and Ice Creams....

Well, I'm back from a week at Watermouth Castle. And what a great week it was! Fantastic place for the kids and we had sun most of the time (apart from the thunder & lightening and huge downpour on Thursday afternoon!)
So why ear gobbles and ice creams?
Well, the 6 apartments at the Castle had use of an indoor heated pool which we certainly used - twice a day! It opened at 7:30am and closed at 9pm and generally used it at 7:30am and mid afternoon.
Samuel has swimming lessons at the moment and keeps asking for some 'ear gobbles' as some of the kids use them. He actually means eye goggles....

And you can't go on holiday without having ice cream every day. Jacob stuck to chocolate flavour every day (what a surprise!) but Samuel was quite adventurous and had a daily change - vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and mint choc chip (my favourite!)

Samuel looked particularly fetching after his chocolate ice cream - he was impressed when I told him he looked like a pirate!

More pics to come over the next week of our holiday and of where we visited. Just don't want to do too much too soon!!

Friday 16 May 2008

I am liking this fame lark!!

Had to share this one with you before we depart for Ilfracombe tomorrow!! One of the cards I made for Anices tv slot last week has made it over to Alan & Barry. Mine is the first card in the gallery - yeah!!! They have a show on tv too although I don't tend to watch the crafting channels as they are a bit cheesy, unless Anice is on, of course!!!

Fame eh??!!

Thursday 15 May 2008

I will be back!

... in just over a week!
Off on holiday to Ilfracombe for a week! We are stopping at Watermouth Castle - same as last year and it was fab then and we are hoping it will be again!

So, I thought I'd leave you with one of my favourite cards I have made over the last few months that I've not blogged about. Lynsey asked me to make it for her friend Alex who was approaching her 30th (sorry!) Birthday and had a 'thing' for Big Cook (each to their own!). So this is what I came up with!! This is how it looked from the outside - nice and pretty!
And Big Cook Ben inside with 30 balloons!! Surprise cut from Cuttlebug Baby Face alphabet set and Big Dots backing paper from Pink Petticoat.

There may be a few picture heavy posts when I return to blog land - I have no internet access for a week - how will I manage??!!

Wednesday 14 May 2008

More Fathers Day

Some more Fathers Day (15 June) cards that I've made lately. The Superman one above is made using a topper on my website.

You'll never guess which backing papers I've used for these next two!! The little tags come out of the envelopes. I'm making more tactile cards these days. Or is it because I'm embarrassed about my big box of ribbon and I need to use it before I buy any more......??!!

All three cards are available to buy!

PS - Karen loved the two cards from yesterdays post - Wedding Anniversary and Ice Climbing! Always good to know eh?!

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Anniversaries and Ice Climbing

Two cards commissioned by my hairdresser Karen.

The first one is for her son Thomas who will be 18 at the end of June (I now feel really old as I remember him as a toddler!) and I made the Party Invitations last month in the rock climbing theme. Karen wanted the Birthday card to have an ice climbing theme. So this is what I came up with! The 'ice' is made from very shiny silver card and also glitter card with a bit of matt silver card thrown in.

Wire and brads make up the 'rope' and foothold things.

The second card is for friends of theirs who are celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Sue loves to shop and Trev always gets to carry the bags!

I'm dropping both cards off tonight when we have our hair cut, so I'm hoping she and the recipients like them!

Ice Cream Beards cream!!!! Especially good with sherbet!

Taken on the first Bank Holiday Monday in May just before the weather got really warm. And no, none dropped on the floor (although I held Jacobs whilst he ran across some grass and 'tidied' it up a little!)

Monday 12 May 2008

Funky Fathers Day Cards!

Here are 4 Fathers Day Cards I made over the weekend, amongst other things. The 'other things' are not quite completed yet so cannot show!

I think I've used the V Funky backing cd! The letters are Sizzix Lollipop die cuts coloured with felt tips (yes got it all over my hands too!) a little randomly to give it a bit of a spontaneous feel. Small gems are added over the dotty pattern at the top - bling for Dad! And either organza ribbon or raffia have been added to the sides, attached via little brads. All the cards are hand shaped too!

Will be added to my website soon!

Sunday 11 May 2008

Spelling Mistake...

Wooops!! See what happens when you rush to make a Birthday card that you've had 12 months warning to make............ but leave it to the night before to finish it... At least it doesn't spell a swear word any more and get blocked on the Forum!!

Oh-oh - I've been tagged!!

So now I suppose you get to find out something about me. Well, 7 things actually. Alex has tagged me......

1. If a movie was being made of your life who would you like to be cast to play yourself and why?
I didn't think I've done anything worth shouting about. Yet! I think Catherine Tate as then it would be funny.

2. You are spending a whole month on a desert island for charity, and you have to choose your favourite celebrity to spend the first two weeks with you and & your least favourite celebrity to spend the second two weeks with, who would they be and why?
First off I'd have Gordon Ramsey. Cos he can do all the cooking and leave me prepared meals and food for the next two weeks. Plus I think I'd have a laugh with him as he seems to be a good bloke. The least favourite - Paris Hilton. I'd be tempted to hit her over the head with coconuts and feed her to the wild animals.

3. What are your 3 favourite crafting products?
Currently it would be Funky Hand backing cd's (counts as one choice!), ribbon and glue.

4. If you could invent something what do you think it would be?
Self cleaning house! For the obvious reasons - I wouldn't have to do it and I get more time for crafting!

5. What are the last 3 books that you read?
Can't honestly remember as its that long since I read properly. But more than likely either Peter Robinson or Ian Rankin.

6. QVC or Create and Craft?
As a rule I don't watch either as both drive me mad due to the presenters. However, I did watch almost an hour of Ideal World on Friday waiting for Anice to come on telly. And yes, I endured half an hour of soft sandal selling.....

7. What is your claim to fame?
I've sold Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky to Lisa Stansfield (I worked in a Kwik Save store where her recording studio and house was across the road). And I've met Prince Phillip when I collected my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. I also made him laugh as I was honest and couldn't remember what I did for my award...

And who to tag??

Shaz who has a unique Focus on Life
Jozza - fab sense of humour
Saysie - your blog needs updating! (last time I looked it was 6 April - good date though!)
Incy - cos you need a break from making such fab things!
Queen of Camelot - your blog needs updating too!!

Friday 9 May 2008

Did You....

...see my cards??!!!

I had 3 shown in the first batch for Now Thats Funky, then my Dad's Washing Line for Funky Seasons (Andy the presenter liked that one and it got a giggle in the office!) and almost got to see my star one for V Funky - it was the next one to be shown but time ran out.

I managed to watch online and it only froze twice so was quite chuffed! Hope to catch the repeat on telly and to nauseate Simon with my enthusiasm!!

Well done to all the Design Team - I was really proud of you all and your creations - they looked fab on telly!!

Dad's Washing Line

Thursday 8 May 2008

Thank You Stars

Three different colour themed thank you cards made using a star template (my own - took me ages to get it right!) The top card is a free backing paper download from rattytatty's blog - go and have a look as there are some really unusual and fab downloads!
The next two are Funky Hand backing papers. The stars are actually 3d metallic table confetti which I bought from The Range on a whim - knew I'd be able to use them on something - they are layered and then glued onto the card.

Each card has a dot and dash running stitch around the edges in metallic pen which just gives the card a little definition. The ice blue card is slightly different to the one I made for Anice and her tv slot.
All available to buy!

Wednesday 7 May 2008

New Baby Card in Lemon

This is a bit of a picture heavy post - sorry!

Was asked to make this new baby card for Clare (from the Crafts Forum) as she is due to be an Auntie in the next few weeks. Incidentally, Clare makes the most fantastic Jewellery - so go and have a look Inspiration came from Enfys - thank you!

I had an idea before I started of what I wanted to do but it changed a little as I was not happy with it.

The actual card stock came from the big bag of stuff from Lynsey and her craft room clear out and I've used clear / translucent vellum embossed with baby hands and feet (one of the Fiskars board things - quite impressed but I feel like I've been using an industrial drill afterwards hehehe!)

The little baby on board lopsided square is one of my own little creations! All the letters were printed directly onto the card and I cut them out by hand. I think it was Times New Roman font used via wordart and then enlarged.

Lightly chalked around the edges of the card, letters and some of the embellishments.

I've used backing paper from The Funky One - its good to get the older cds out and have a good play! Rediscovered some little gems in there!

All the die cuts with the exception of the bundle of joy one I've cut.

I've punched holes equally spaced across the top and bottom of the card so that the ribbon weaves through and is not fixed so it can be pulled tighter so the card can be closed.

The two tags on the back are for writing the message on. And they can be taken off and written on. I've included two just in case she makes a mistake on one of them!

And this is how it all looks closed! I've sealed the ends of the ribbon with glue as they are prone to fraying. It doesn't come with an envelope as I think that would spoil the effect.
What do you think??!! Will do some in pink and blue when I get chance, but I don't think future ones will take as long now I know what I'm doing and where I'm going with it all!

Really enjoyed making this! Thank you Clare!

Did I mention.....

...that Anice is on telly on Friday 9 May at 11am??!! I didn't?! Well, she is - its Ideal World channel and you can also watch it online just in case you're not at home or have satellite.

You just may see some of my creations!!! Or some of the fantastic cards that the Design Team has produced - they are stunning!!

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Pinky Dinky Do

Commissioned Birthday card for a little girl who will be 3 at the end of May and who likes Pinky Dinky Do. Had to do some research for this one as never heard of the character. Still none the wiser either!
Pink card from Swirly!

Sunday 4 May 2008

Cute IncyWincy Button (and my kit!)

Doesn't this look fab?! Incywincy bought the pin wheel card making kit from me and added one of her handmade buttons. And this is what she made! I'm not sure if they are on her website yet, but they will be soon!
Needless to say, I've just put an order in for some blue and pink numbered buttons for some special Birthday cards I have coming up....
Thanks Incy for sharing this with me!

Saturday 3 May 2008

Get A Load Of This!!!

You can imagine how exited I was when Lynsey said she had another (oh yes!) BIG bag of stuff for me - result of a major craft room tidy up. She dropped the bag off on Friday afternoon before we and the collective kids went to a play area. I had to wait until the boys were in bed before I could have a look at what she'd given me.

This is how the bag (heavy) arrived
And this is some of what was inside:
Big Thank You to Lynsey for all this - much appreciated!

Scottish Man Utd & ACDC

Pauline from Wedding Toppers asked me to make these two Birthday Cards for male family members with personalised details. And as this type of card is proving very popular at the moment, I did these the same! Plus male cards can be quite hard to do sometimes! Hope they like them!