Wednesday, 7 May 2008

New Baby Card in Lemon

This is a bit of a picture heavy post - sorry!

Was asked to make this new baby card for Clare (from the Crafts Forum) as she is due to be an Auntie in the next few weeks. Incidentally, Clare makes the most fantastic Jewellery - so go and have a look Inspiration came from Enfys - thank you!

I had an idea before I started of what I wanted to do but it changed a little as I was not happy with it.

The actual card stock came from the big bag of stuff from Lynsey and her craft room clear out and I've used clear / translucent vellum embossed with baby hands and feet (one of the Fiskars board things - quite impressed but I feel like I've been using an industrial drill afterwards hehehe!)

The little baby on board lopsided square is one of my own little creations! All the letters were printed directly onto the card and I cut them out by hand. I think it was Times New Roman font used via wordart and then enlarged.

Lightly chalked around the edges of the card, letters and some of the embellishments.

I've used backing paper from The Funky One - its good to get the older cds out and have a good play! Rediscovered some little gems in there!

All the die cuts with the exception of the bundle of joy one I've cut.

I've punched holes equally spaced across the top and bottom of the card so that the ribbon weaves through and is not fixed so it can be pulled tighter so the card can be closed.

The two tags on the back are for writing the message on. And they can be taken off and written on. I've included two just in case she makes a mistake on one of them!

And this is how it all looks closed! I've sealed the ends of the ribbon with glue as they are prone to fraying. It doesn't come with an envelope as I think that would spoil the effect.
What do you think??!! Will do some in pink and blue when I get chance, but I don't think future ones will take as long now I know what I'm doing and where I'm going with it all!

Really enjoyed making this! Thank you Clare!


  1. WOW!! That is fantastic! I love it! Lots of exclamation marks!!

  2. That's a beautiful card Ruth! I've been promising myself I'd make some "word" cards and not got around to it yet, you've inspired me! x

  3. You already know from the Funky Hand Design Team blog that I love, love, LOVE this card, but in case you hadn't noticed, I'm catching up with your personal blog now!! How's the moderating coming? lol ;o)




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