Monday 26 May 2008


Just as I thought I'd caught up with the washing from being away for a week, Jacob starts throwing up. Now, you know he's ill when he does that as he is loathe to part with any food, whether it be inside his tummy or in his grubby mits.

He's a good patient when he's ill as he only wants to sleep and is very quiet. So he's allowed to be poorly.

He's actually a lot better today as been fighting with Samuel and being his usual self.

Samuel, on the other hand, can vomit on command - virtually! And usually on our bed. Or once it was completely all in my handbag.....

So, the title of this post was a bit of a lie, wasn't it.



  1. Eeeuugghhh!! Hope it wasn't a Radley!!!

    Poor Jacob, though. Bless 'im.

  2. Very very funny, we too are in a house full of vomit, Nathaniel and I have been through a weeks' worth of clothes in the last two days, argh, in sympathy!!
    Hope evryone is better soon and that your handbag stays empty!!

  3. Oh bless... Hope he's better soon - so you can visit Hobbycraft :0).

  4. Oh poor little guy hope he feels better soon.

  5. Poor little chap, hope he is better soon x


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