Sunday 19 April 2009

Secret Easter Bunny

I took part in the Crafts Forum Secret Easter Bunny Swop which was expertly organised by BeadsbyDesign (thanks Karen!) And I got sent this wonderful Easter Fairy named Freda by Indri!And don't worry - it wasn't this poorly wrapped when I got it - in my haste to unwrap it, I forgot to take a photo so this is the restyled photo for blog purposes!
And this was inside! All made from quilling paper! I really admire her patience and dexterity!

I've carefully wrapped it all back up and put it back in the box as I dare not let the boys near it! On the lookout for a suitable boxed frame that she can live in so I can display it.
How lucky am I?! And thank you Indri (Beth)!


  1. What a beautiful fairy!! What a lovely gift to receive. x

  2. wow what a fabulous gift Ruth and yes...somebody with a great I wouldn't have the patience...something to treasure
    Hugs Kath xxxxx

  3. What a beautiful gift Ruth. So much patience will have gone into this. Ive just started quilling and Im not up to this and dont think I ever will be. Julie x

  4. she is just amazing. so delicate!!


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