Thursday, 2 April 2009

Heart Swop

Mollycupcakes organised a heart swop and my partner is Silkie Sue. And in addition to her wonderful creative talents, Sam managed to do a bit of mind reading...!

The idea was for 6 heart related items to be sourced - either made, bought, found or given. And here is what arrived for me yesterday!

Just look at all the ribbon! You'll have to excuse the rushedness of the photos - yes, I was in a hurry to open all my packages - felt like my Birthday had come early!

I love this little heart - its reversible too!

Now, I've been thinking about getting a lovely sturdy reasonable sized notebook for a while. As I get older, I'm forgetting Birthdays. Then remembering them when they have passed. So I've been on the look out for something for me to write them all in. I did think of making something but it was just a passing thought as I know it would never get finished! So this was Sam's first mind reading trick!

A beautiful framed heart picture.

And two hearts! The bottom one is full of smelly stuff - I still have some of these from when I was a little girl hanging in my wardrobe making my clothes smell nice!

And for the second mind reading trick - a big bag! I mentioned on my Cuteable Guest Post the other day that I was after a decent bag and I do like red! Perfect!

And here is everything together.

All very fab! Thank you to Mollycupcakes for the organising and also to Silkie Sue for my gifts! When I know my package has arrived, I'll share what I made!


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