Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Keep The Shape!

The Stampin' Chic challenge this week is:

Limited Supplies - Keep The Shape
(You need to pick a shape and follow it through all the elements of your creation...)
I thought this would be easy - but oh no! I went with the cupcake template (Craftwork Cards) as I'd started to make the base for something else but then either changed my mind or ran out of time). Anyway, the corrugated base had already been cut so I added some of the paper from The Big One (yep, still getting a work out with that one!) then randomly over stamped the paper pattern with the stamps and then added some glitter glue here and there (the picture doesn't really show it too well). I've also liberally inked all edges with black and bright pink for a bit of a grunge feel.

I then remembered I had these very sweet (geddit?!) little fimo cupcakes that were sent to me by Claire on the Crafts Forum as a swop for some stamped images. I've attached it to the card with some jute string as tried to keep it simple. And it does sort of go with the shape theme - the corrugated card is stripy and the jute is sort of stripy..... and the little cupcake embellishment with the shape of the card.... am I convincing??!!

  • Printed backing paper: Clare Curd Signature Range - The Big One
  • Stamps: Clare Curd Signature Range
  • Corrugated Card & string: My stash
  • Cupcake template: Craftwork Cards
  • Cupcake embellishment: Claire


  1. I was just going to say - mmmmmmmmm cake but I have to say also that like the stamped images on the top of the cupcake.

  2. yummy yummy cupcakes

  3. Wow fab card and what a really good idea didn't think of that I went for a flower shape, found this challenge a little harder.

  4. oh i love this, i have this template aswell and wanna have a play with it know that ive seen your card, the corragated card is a brilliant touch.
    love emma x


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