Saturday, 4 April 2009

Funky Hand Is A Winner!

Funky Hand has won North Tynesides Retail Business of the Year 2009! The award ceremony was last night and Anice and Ian won! And here is a very happy Anice with her award! Photo lifted from her website hehehe! For more photos and happiness pop over to Anice's blog.

And I know it sounds really naff, but Anice is honestly fantastic to work with, gives lots of praise, encouragement and is very thoughtful. Plus her designs are so easy to work with and inspiring and I am so proud to be part of her Design Team! Ian weaves his magic with the technical aspect of Funky Hand - making sure the website looks stunning and that the downloads, well, download! So, if you've not seen Funky Hand before (I'm a prolific user!) then go and visit the website! You'll not be disappointed!

Well done Anice and Ian!


  1. isn't it just the bestest news and what a fab pic of Anice...Hugs Kath xxxxx

  2. Oh thank you for your kind words Ruth. Back to earth with a bump to get on with getting ready for the new CD launch!
    Anice xx


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