Sunday, 5 April 2009

Heart Swop - What I Sent

And now I can reveal what I sent to Silkie Sue as part of the Mollycupcakes heart swop! The front of the folder has already been shown as I made it for the Forever Friends Challenge. But I can now show what is inside!

The all metal heart clips are from Paperchase and everything else I have made. Jumbo and medium paperclips which can be used as either paperclips or bookmarks. The smaller clip has one of my red fimo hearts attached and some spotty red ribbon tied through the middle. The larger clip has two deep red pony heart beads (I had to work out how to thread them on - not quite as easy as it looks!) and some satin edged organza ribbon tied on.

The hat pin has had another red heart pony bead added and some seed beads too - the cream mother of pearl bead was already on the pin. And the felt heart was hand cut by me.

I added some extra bits and bobs, just because! The heart soaps are lovely - handmade (I bought them from ebay ages ago) and they smell of pink lemonade!

Thanks again to Mollycupcakes for organising the swop and also to Silkie Sue for being a good swop partner!


  1. wow this is gorgeous Ruth...lucky silkie all the paperclips and pins.
    Hugs Kath xxxxx

  2. What a great all the heart knicknacks inside.

  3. The folder is fab! Love it :)


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