Monday 21 September 2009

We Saw The Sea at Southport!

Yes indeedy we did! For those who have visited Southport you will know that the tide goes out a long long way down the beach and although it doesn't look that far, you can walk and walk and walk and never really seem to get there.

However, yesterday the tide was in. Right upto the concrete breakers!

So the boys spent some time throwing stones and bits of wood back into the sea.


  1. fabby pics and did you have a little paddle....hugs kath xxxxx

  2. Nothing quite like a day at the beach! We are lucky to live just by the sea and yesterday was lovely! x

  3. great photos, hope you have a lovely week xx

  4. I can't ever remember seeing the tide 'in' at Southport. About 14 years ago I got the car stuck on the beach and had to walk miles ... well it seemed like miles ... to the sea edge to ask for help from the Coastguard. I don't recommend this and have been very carefull since.

    Lynn x


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