Wednesday 9 September 2009

Birthday Cake - Week 1

Some photos from Saturday at my parents where we had a Birthday cake for Jacob. He is really good at blowing out the candles and I had to relight them 4 times so I could get more than one shot!
His older brother, on the other hand, is terrible! A lot of effort and not much action from Samuel! It took him longer to blow out 6 candles than it did for Jacob to do 4 x 4 candles!

Could not resist this photo opportunity! Jacob had the knife (blunt) in his hand as he was insistent he cut the cake and I asked him how much cake he could get in his mouth. I know. He looks like a potential mad man. Heheheheh!

Round two is on Saturday - both will have cakes and it's party time!
PS Yes the ribbon from the cake came safely home with me!


  1. loving the pics...and oh so yummy yummy cake...don't suppose there is any left...big hugs kath xxxxx

  2. Happy birthday Jacob! great pics :)

    Another one who has just missed school this year! Is he starting after Christmas or next September like Em?

  3. They look like they had great fun! x


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