Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tell All Tuesday

And this week I've done it on the correct day!

The question on JB*JB's blog for this week is:

Were you named after anybody?

Nope! Although my Mum wanted to call me Lucy at first so I remained the Baby With No Name for around 10 days until she decided on Ruth.

I decided on the names for both my boys although Simon likes to think he picked Samuel's name (we watched the 51st State with Samuel L Jackson in when I was very close to producing the child and he liked the name Samuel) as I decided as soon as we knew it was a boy that it would be Samuel. And Jacob I picked too as I liked it.

Both boys have 2 middle names which use family names for those who have died. Bit morbid, but I liked the names anyway!


  1. Not telling you why my girls are called what they are as you will then know that me and Matt are geeks!!

  2. Hope you are feeling a bit better now :) sounds like you are working too hard though! 5.30!!!! that's horrendous!

    Carol x


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