Tuesday, 16 September 2008

DCM Challenge - The Same But Different

This challenge was a bit of a tough one! I tried really hard not to look at the DCM Team's creations for fear of ripping off their ideas!

The DCM challenge this week is:

"One of the things I love about our dares is that although we all start with the same brief, the cards we produce are all so different.
So for my dare I'd like to see what happens when our starting point is the same quotation:
Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.
Henry Van Dyke

I'd like you to use this quotation somewhere on your card It doesn't have to be on the front, or even need to be immediately visible."

Anyhow, the backing paper I've had for ages and I actually think it was something I found and then decided to print it onto a card. So, sorry, don't know what it is or where it came from! I've printed the quote onto vellum using a font I honestly can't remember (its one of those days!) but I used it recently for some Wedding Stationery samples and it was in the 'recently used' selection at the top of the font drop down menu.....

The white bits showing on the cardstock have been dotted in gold gel pen, as too the edges of the vellum. The fibres are from my very first visit to the scrap store (won't be the last!) and were in a bag of fluffy odds and ends. And don't ask me what possessed me, but I've glued tiny gold seed beads onto each of the 6 strands so it hangs properly. Actually, Lord of the Rings was on tv and I just can't get it (probably because I never actually sit and watch something all the way through - I'm usually faffing with bits of paper and glue at the same time!) so it was probably a combination of that and the wine....

So there you go - my ramblings of a quite simple card!

  • Backing paper: Don't know where it came from, plus clear / translucent vellum
  • Fibres: From the scrap store
  • Other Bits: Gold gel pen and gold seed beads from my stash and eyelets too


  1. I love the backing paper on this one, very me!
    I have used your tute to make some boxes, pics on my blog. Thank you!!!

  2. Oooooh - where were those fibres hidden? I didn't spot them! Looks good x

  3. Well my lovely.....you've done a stirling job there! No ripping off of DT's cards (pmsl). I can't believe you had the patience to glue those seed beeds into the fibres. I would have lost the plot big time!

    I love that backing paper so I need you to dig deep down into the recesses of your memory and remember....remember.....REMEMBER!

    lol xxx

  4. Hiya! 'Scuse me interrupting your beautiful cardmaking for a second, but just to let you know you won a little something on my blog. No, don't get too excited.. it's not the main prize.. I chose another ten people for little prizes, and you're one of them. :o)

    Don't worry about sending your address.. I have it already.

    Chris xx

  5. Just popped in to say hello again and have a read. Love the new card and the quote its gorgeous
    Hugs June xxx

  6. Really like this, Ruth. That font looks great, and the background paper is lovely!

    Chris xx

  7. oooh those fibres are wonderful

  8. Gorgeous card Ruth, love what you did with those fibres, and the vellum quote..........super.

  9. ohhh how pretty this is - I love the vellum, and the strands look wonderful used like this - clever idea, I love it

  10. this is gorgeous and love that quote - it's beautiful


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