Tuesday, 30 September 2008

It's a Good Luck Cat - Just Stamp Something Challenge!

I was asked to make this card over the weekend for a work colleague who is leaving and the team wanted a card that they could all sign. And I've been itching to make this one for ages! You see, I get these ideas and they run around in my head for a while so I can think it through and work out the logistics, so I knew it wouldn't take me that long to make once I got going.

And then I realised it fitted the Stamp Something Challenge for this week, which is:


Yep, that's it!! Grab a stamp, ink it up and have a blast!

The template is my own design and I've used decent thick black card - it took 2 sheets with some left over. The concertina has been joined in the middle as the card was not long enough! The outside edges of the front and back of the cat have been highlighted with 3d glitter paint to give them a bit of definition - and to be honest, what girl does not like a bit of bling?!

I've stamped the sentiment with my trusty Studio G alphabet, layered it onto green card, added eyelets and threaded it with fine wire and seed beads so it looks a bit like an ID tag. The eyes have been cut from white textured card and lightly inked with big green gems that I found in my bling box.

Whiskers have been made from curled thin white card and the silver star gems just cover the raw edges nicely. And the lush green satin ribbon - from my stash of course!

  • Card: From my stash
  • Ribbon: From my stash
  • Sentiment: Studio G alphabet stamps
  • Other Bits: All from my stash


  1. Is it wrong that I really like the bum on this card?? :)

  2. I should come to you for ideas. How cute and so original. I love everthing you did with Kit Kat!

  3. oooh that's really fab, love it

  4. oh this is so cute - love all the bling but I do like the rear view...do you think I have a bottom fetish


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