Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Chester Zoo

On Sunday we went to Chester Zoo. We've been Season Ticket holders for the last two years and as we'd not been for a while, and we thought the weather would be ok, we decided to visit. And this time I remembered to take the camera!

We saw the elephants (although the baby ones were hiding!)

And this Orang-utan kept teasing us with the food in her mouth - squashing it up on the window and taking it back when we tried to touch it! She's got a little baby clinging on, which I think was sleeping for most of the time and neither of them were put off by us stood watching them! If you put your hand on the glass, she put her hand there too. A really beautiful but spooky experience!

And we saw flamingos

And teased the penguins with Jacobs coat on the glass (they found it interesting and kept swimming for it!) Sorry for the blurry photo but the glass is really thick and the penguins were really fast!
And then we saw this pig. I was a bit worried when it looked straight at me as it was huge!

And then we saw the Zooloo dancers outside one of the restaurants. So we watched them for about 20 mins - Jacob was totally enthralled and loved the noise, singing and dancing!

It must have tired the boys out, all the running around they did as they slept until nearly 7am Monday morning!

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