Saturday, 6 September 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob!

To celebrate Jacob's third birthday, and in no particular date order here are some pics to make you smile!

Jacob and Samuel - Jacob is a week old and not impressed!

Just a day old on this picture and still looking like he's done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson all because he was so quick in his arrival!

Look what I have - chocolate! And yes, that is a fading black eye! Easter this year.

One of my favourite photos of Jacob hehehehe!!

Looking a bit worried at 3 months old!

And fast asleep, still holding onto his marsmallows - you can see some in both hands and one just under his chin. Typical of Jacob - he's very teritorial with his food!

And a rare one of me and Jacob. You'll have to excuse the bad hair day for me, but I'd just taken off my hat as it was freezing. Taken in Southport McDonalds!

This one shows his eyes as being really blue - they are now a lovely greeny brown colour. Taken on our way home on holiday in May 2006.

Nursery nativity play - December 2007. Jacob was a reindeer. And he's holding chocolates again!
And two old men talking on a bench at Martin Mere.

Happy Birthday Jacob!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jacob

    Your camper-van swap partner has been chosen!
    See my blog for details

  2. 2 gorgeous little fellas and I love the one with the soapy bubbles - so cute.

  3. Ah he's adorable! Happy Birthday Jacob!

  4. Happy birthday Jacob! What gorgeous pics Ruth - and nice to see one of you too :o)


  5. Happy Birthday little man! They are both so gorgeous and these photos made me smile.Hugs Em.x


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