Sunday, 2 August 2009

History Week at the Roundhouses

We had a trip to Martin Mere this morning. A quick hour there as Samuel had a Birthday party to go to in the afternoon. It was History Week at the Roundhouses which really meant that the boys could dress up, wave swords and shields around and shout battle type things!

Except Jacob came over all shy and didn't want to join in. Samuel was well up for it! Here he is receiving his battle training.

Samuel and I made a ye olde bracelet. Well, I actually made it and he watched cos I told him it was a bit difficult to do! Just a bit of simple looping a figure of 8 wool over another until a chain like bit of wool is formed.
And after all the battling, the warriors have to go and catch their tea in the river.

Or bash the ground for all its worth with the oar. This bit Jacob did enjoy.

We did see some ducks and the otters. But this was more interesting! The volunteers did a fantastic job of answering all of Samuel's questions and keeping a straight face too!

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