Sunday 23 August 2009

Fresh Air

This is what happens when you let your kids play outside in the fresh air. Ok, so it had been raining. And was raining. And this rain had made a bit of the grass a little muddy.

It was bath time before tea and into their pj's. The bath had to be rinsed afterwards.
I blame the parents.
And Jacob had a brand new t-shirt on.
Still, they were in bed and asleep for 6:45pm. I dread to think the time they will get up in the morning....


  1. Ahhh but they looked like they had soooo much fun! And just think of the peaceful evening....Cheers Claire x

  2. Great pictures Ruth! I bet they had a fab time in the mud and all for free :)
    Love the footie dino card, i've just 'provided' myself with some more of Dustin's images earlier today, this was one of them :)

    Carol x

  3. wow loving these pics...I love to see boys being boys and yes that means getting down and dirty....great fun...nothing a bath won't sort out....big hugs kath xxxxx

  4. LOL wot fab pics girls used to do the same Danni our eldest used to make mud castles lol.....
    Used to love seeing them all dirty, and yes my hubby used to blame me cus he always had to clean the bath out lol

    huge hugs xxx shell

  5. I've only just got around to seeing this post..your lads are fab! Knowing you, it's a wonder you weren't out there getting dirty as well!!
    Anice xx


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