Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Different Kind of Day

Yesterday was a day with a difference! We got to see 'Katie' in all her glory! 'Katie' is one of the North West Air Ambulances and she lives at Blackpool Airport.

We had seen 'Katie' before but she was in her hangar for the night and it wasn't quite the same experience - here are some of the photos from yesterday.

Me, Simon, Jacob, Samuel and my Dad.

Neil (the pilot) very patiently explained and demonstrated the equipment and let the boys have a go at moving the swivel stretcher from the side doors and also from the rear of the helicopter. And yes, there is another child in the pic - that is George - Heather's grandson!

Both boys got to be pilots (in fact Samuel's high visibility jacket says pilot on the back!) and tried the helmet on for size.

The North West Air Ambulance relies entirely on charitable donations and costs just over £3.6 million a year to maintain both helicopters, with around 4 missions a day. We had to wait a few hours as Neil and the Paramedics had been called to Whitehaven and then to Grassmere before they came back to Blackpool, but it was well worth the wait! We also got to see other light aircraft in the hangars and watched close hand others landing and taking off.
If you want to make a donation - however small - you can do so by clicking here.
Huge thanks to Neil, Heather and George for making it such a great day for us!!


  1. sounds like you had a good day

  2. what a fab day out and I bet the boys large and small loved it....hugs kath xxxx

  3. Looks like a really fun day out for the children.


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