Wednesday 19 December 2012

And I Wasn't There To See It.......!!

Samuel took part in his fourth outdoor race of the year on Sunday - he wasn't originally going to be there as the Daytona Manchester Inkart Festival should have been on the same day but its now this coming Sunday, so it meant Samuel could race at Hooton Park.

He had a really good test day the day before (so I was told - wasn't there either as Jacob had a football match but it was cancelled last minute due to illness!) and was feeling confident going into the qualifying round on Sunday.

He qualified with the third fastest time from 18 drivers so that placed him 3rd on the grid for heat 1.  He finished that in second place, so he was 2nd on the grid for the second and final heat.  And finished second in that too.  So he was second on the grid for the final race!

If you want to see some short videos of his three grid starts (heat 1, heat 2 and final) then click here to go to the boys' karting blog.

Anyway, I was kept upto date on his progress during the afternoon as Jacob had a Birthday party to attend and I decided to brave Asda and then popped to Staples as they were having a closing down sale.  I was in the middle of Staples when I got the call to say where he'd finished in the final race and must have looked like a right nutter!

So here he is on the podium - he took third place and his first ever outdoor trophy (he has 9 from indoors plus on Sunday he gets the second place Championship trophy too!)  The 4th and 5th placed drivers also got trophies too and first and second stood on the same step!  Samuel is the one in all black in the centre of the three stood together:

And here he is with Ryan who runs CKSUK team of which Samuel is part of with Samuel in second place on the grid.

I think it's sunk in now with Samuel that he's won a trophy for outdoor karting after collecting so many indoors as its not an easy transition; its cold and wet most of the time!!


  1. A big congrats to Samuel! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  2. Samuel is a brilliant little driver, well done!! Claire xx

  3. Congrats to Samuel.. I better you were so excited for him but a bit sad not to see it!!! HUgsxx

  4. Wow, GO GO GO Samuel!! I shall be following your racing career closely LOL! Remember us all when you're famous as you're clearly going to be with all that talent!
    Merry Christmas! xx

  5. Congratulations to Samuel. :-) It´s really nice to see our kids growing up, huh?!? xxx Monica

  6. Well done Samuel, you must be so proud, and so you should be, that's a massive achievment!

  7. Congratulations Samuel well done, One day will be watching him on tv
    Kevin xx

  8. Congrats to Samuel - bless him - great pic's x

  9. Hooray for Samuel! Keep up the great job!

  10. Way to go Samuel! What an exciting early Christmas present.

  11. Fantastic news Ruth! A very well done to Samuel and you as his no doubt very proud Mum.
    Hugs, Fliss xxx

  12. a big congratulations to Samuel! I love that smile on his face!

  13. Wow! What a fantastic achievement, Samuel. Enjoy your proud mummy moments, Ruth - they are precious, hun.

    Hugz, Jan xx

  14. Woohoo! Samuel, what a winner! I'll be keeping my eye on you and see you in F1 in a few years!
    You must be very proud Ruth.
    Anice xx


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