Sunday 21 November 2010

Ironing For A Good Cause

Here is pictorial proof that I do attempt some ironing every now and again! The boys with their spotty dotty t-shirts that I made them for Children In Need day on Friday.

There were 22 coloured spots on each side of the t-shirts - total of 88 ish spots that I hand cut out and ironed onto the t-shirts (Primark 2 for £1.50) on Thursday evening.

Iron on t-shirt transfer kit from Photo Paper Direct. Hope you like their forced smiles after they'd spent a hard day at school!


  1. They look really cute Ruth, cheesy grins or not!
    Those t shirts are great and I hope the school did well on the raising cash side for such a good cause.

  2. Supermum! How you find the time to do all that you do is a mystery. The boys look great xx

  3. aahh they look fab!! well done on the ironing hun......


    Amanda xx

  4. What cuties those spotty guys are...
    Lovely to meet you on Saturday, will be popping by to catch up with what your up to in blogland. Thanks for your help to on Saturday:)

  5. What a couple of YUMMY DELISH Boys!!! Forget the spots! LOL Just gobble up those little loves!!!


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