Monday 29 November 2010

Dottie Red

At the Craft Fair last Saturday, Lynsey and I were fortunate to have a 'spot' adjacent to a very lovely lady called Suzie who goes by the name of Dotty Red.

We got on very well (her stall was amazing and smelt heavenly - lavender!) and I noticed she was expertly crocheting some fab flowers and I commented on how lovely they were and that I'd tried and failed miserably to make some.

And she presented me with these plus leaves!!

How fantastic! Now I urge you to go and have a look at her blog as it is full of loveliness!


  1. They are fab. Lucky you!!!!!!
    They would make a lovely necklace laid out like that.

  2. They're lovely, I'm off to check out Suzie's blog. I can knit but I've never been able to crack crochet!

  3. they are lovely Ruth - what a result to be given them

  4. Your too kind, I thank you. Big smiles today!


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