Thursday 7 May 2009

WIP - Place Cards

I've not been able to keep up with all the challenges this week! I've had a number of orders and managed to get them completed, I'm part way through making the swop stuff for my partner in the Silkie Sue Swop , I'm trying to attempt to get suitcases packed as we go on holiday on 16 May for a week, trying to remember to help Samuel with his school homework each night. And to top it all I think I'm coming down with a really bad cold as I ache all over, sore throat and feel rough.... And I'll need to do some housework between now and going away as we look like we've been burgled!

Anyway, I've now completed 105 of these place cards and Hayley will be picking them up tonight. I've never tied so much ribbon in my life!

These go with the invites I blogged a while ago and the chocolate brown satin ribbon picks up part of the colour theme of the Wedding.

But this is not the last of making Place Cards - I have another 100 to make, very similar to these for Donna when I come back off holiday!
Fortunately, these didn't take too long to make - I did them in batches so the tediousness of it all wouldn't become too overwhelming. If I remember, I'll take some photos of them insitu at the Wedding. If I don't its either because I've forgotten or drunk too much.....
Actually, the blog title is a lie isn't it as I've now completed them!


  1. well got there in the end...but what a lot of work...and it is tedious doing the same thing over and over again....they are rather gorgeous...and she will be over the moon when she sees them
    Hugs Kath xxxx

  2. Can I be rediculously cheeky and ask the dimensions of the place markers as I have 150 to do this month and can't seem to get started? xx

  3. Hells bells woman! You make me feel tired just reading about your busy life. These look fab. I take my hat off to you. x

  4. These look fab Ruth (what a tedious job though!) Have a great weekend.
    En xx


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