Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Tooth Fairy

I know that this will be the first of many. I reckon a further 21 from Samuel and then 22 from Jacob. That's if I've done my sums right. So at a £1 a tooth that will set us back £44 over a period of about 8ish years.

The tooth started to be wobbly in the car on the way to Ilfracombe a week last Saturday. And this morning I got a phone call from Samuel whilst I was at work to tell me, quite proudly, that it has come out! And does he have to think of what coin he wants?!

Yeah, think of a penny.

So here are some pics of the gap

(He is not normally a sweaty and hot child - he'd just got out of the bath)

And to show just how tiny the tooth is - I've taken a fuzzy photo of it next to a penny coin.
I've put the tooth in a small grip seal bag so at least we have a slight chance of finding it under his pillow.
Just one problem. We only have 80p. Will have to see what I can find......

PS - His first tooth appeared during his first week at nursery at the end of February 2004 when he was five and a half months old. I didn't even know until it was pointed out to me as he didn't suffer from teething. Hope he doesn't with his big teeth either.
28 May - PPS - Forgot to let him put it under his pillow so Tooth Fairy didn't appear. Nothing to do with only having 80p. Of course. Better luck tonight eh?!


  1. oh how sweet is will just have to leave a Fairy IOU...Hugs Kath xxxxx

  2. Aww, sweet boy! Methinks you'd better open a fairy savings account! lol ;o)

    Chris xx

  3. aw bless his gappy little smile. Just wait 'til he is leaving letters for the tooth fairy with his tooth asking what she does with all the teeth. I've already had to deal with that little nightmare! lol

  4. How cute and love how mum & dad just happened to forget (on purpose ?!?!?) about reminding the wee man to put his tooth under his pillow ! ! ! We always knew when ours were teething - they were as miserable as sin!



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