Tuesday 26 May 2009

I Am So Lucky!

Following on from my recent WIP post earlier in the month (part of the Silkie Sue Freestyle Blog Swop), my parcel arrived whilst I was on holiday. I managed not to open it immediately, but waited until I had unpacked and loaded the washing machine three times and put the boys to bed. Then I sat down and carefully unwrapped my bubble envelope.

I knew that my swop partner was Nicola from Murano Silver and we had exchanged a few emails discussing what to make for each other. I'd supplied my wrist measurements (they are skinny as you will see further down!) and more or less left it up to Nicola to create!

So you can imagine my excitement when I realised there were two packages within the envelope. I opened the ivory organza bag first - the item was carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper.

This is what I opened.

A beautiful and stunning silver bangle (which yes, I can get on without taking my hand off!) and the most wonderful little dangly thing (sorry, don't know the technical name!) with a turquoise like stone in the middle.

After admiring it on my wrist for about 15 mins, I decided to open the box. On the back of the business card, Nicola had written a little note - "Just in case you didn't like the bangle". No, you are right, I don't like it - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

And inside was a multi coloured charm like bracelet with all different coloured blocks of (I'm guessing) acrylic or glass of which the pattern runs end to end - the other sides show a single colour. This also fits perfectly on the skinny wrists.

And also this funky ring! Again, fits perfectly!

And I didn't realise until I was packing everything back up that there was another layer to the box and inside was this matching pendant necklace:

I am totally stunned by Nicola's generosity and the beautiful workmanship. And I cannot thank you enough. I've never had any jewellery made for me before (well, except for my Wedding ring as it needed to be shaped to sit next to my Engagement ring) so this makes it all the more special.
I've got two Weddings to go to this summer so will be wearing it all to both! And same frock heheheh!
Thank you again Nicola - you really made my day!
And if you like what you see - go and visit her website - she gladly takes commissions!!

I'll share soon what I sent Nicola as I was really pleased how they turned out!


  1. WOW WOW WOW these are just gorgeous I love every thing you've recieved!! I am off to check out her website now cos I love unusual jewellery


    Amanda xx

  2. Oh My Gosh,
    They are absolutely stunningly gorgeous,
    Your very lucky

  3. OMG you struck gold there hun, what an awesome gift! No-one ever sends me treats like that, i'm obviously going wrong somewhere!! x (that wasnt a hint by the way!) sh*t I think i should shut it now x

  4. Wowsers! These are divine. You really are lucky!!!

  5. PS. Get Freddie Foo Foo with her mega hint dropping. Best club together and send her some massive diamonds eh? hahahaha

  6. Yay - I just found the Post :)
    I'm so glad everything fitted and you liked your stuff. The little blue stone in the bracelet dangle is an opal.
    The square i made the bracelet with are Murano Glass and it's all sterling silver ~ so if you get perfume on it or if it darkens a quick jewellery dip will restore it to shiny (as will fairy liquid and an old toothbrush)
    Dont dip the opal though as they're chemical sensitive
    Nic x


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