Monday, 25 May 2009


Well we are back, and if Mr Blogger is playing nicely, I shall be able to show you a few photos from the holiday!!

On the way to Ilfracombe we stopped off at Slimbridge so the boys could have a run around, plus it was not much of a detour for us. We set off back on our way only to find that all the traffic was at a standstill and telephone wires and such like were being taken down. We then realised that a large load was coming our way. And this is it:

Yes, that is a Micra and a Transit Van, dwarfed by the big things (we didn't actually know what they were!)

Watermouth Castle was once again (for the third year!) wonderful! The boys enjoyed all the rides and the times in the pool (virtually twice a day every day!) And the weather was not too bad - it did pour down a few times in the morning but by early afternoon, the sun came out. The rainbow photo is taken from our apartment window, looking out over Watermouth Bay.

The gardens were as well kept and beautiful as ever.

So onto the black eyes. Jacob fell onto a ride on car when in a play room and caught the corner of his eye. This was Monday evening - and the ice cream photo was taken Tuesday afternoon. Nice big black eye!

Then Wednesday evening when in the pool, he needed to go to the toilet, which is situated just outside the pool in its own enclosed cubical. However the floor was tiled and wet, and I just didn't manage to catch him before his head connected with the toilet bowl.

So cut above the eye and a bigger black eye than before. Fortunately it was the same eye, otherwise he'd have looked a right mess! Any other discolouring you see around nose and mouth area is purely food or snot related!

We visited Exmoor Zoo again for the day and met the Alpaca and fed the Wallabies. And I must say that the sandwiches in the cafe were freshly made and were excellent!

Thursday afternoon was really warm, and kids plus water equals water fights and getting soaking! So Batman and Superman along with their new friend Ben (he was in the apartment next to us and a similar age to Samuel, so they got on really well) got soaked! Luckily we are only a 2 minute walk back up the path so they didn't have to stay wet for ages!
No holiday is complete without a visit to a beach. On Friday we went to Hele which is just between the Castle and Ilfracombe. The beach is quite rocky and not at all sandy, but armed with spades, buckets and fishing nets (the boys were adamant they were going to catch some fish) we spent a few hours exploring. And digging. And finding two dead crabs and a dead jellyfish.
For the more observant of you, yes this crab is upside down. The right way looked boring!

And Jacob loved the pool this year and managed to do quite a bit of swimming whilst ordering us around. If I manage it, I'll add a video of Jacob jumping into the pool. That's if technology lets me....

And Boo Bear from nursery came with us again. Great. Cos its me that has to write its diary every day.....

So that was our holiday! I think we will be going again next year!


  1. fab pics, that black eye looks a sore one, poor thing!! We love it down there too, bit more of a drive for us to get there though lol!

    If you're going back down that way I would really reccomend the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park it is amazing! We've been twice now and its fab, a whole day out job :o)


    Amanda xxx

  2. Fab photo's Ruth and boy oh boy, that black eye looks vicious - poor love.

    Love the photo of the "drunk crab"!


  3. looks like u had a great time - tell him that eye is AWESOME and he looks well cool!! Bet he's secretly hoping he still has it for when he's back at school to show off!! hehee boys eh! x

  4. OMG Jacob made a good job at his eye, poor thing. Looks like u had a good time, see u all Sat Claire xx

  5. Mega pics but ouch at that black eye! poor lad. Maddie had a similar one when she was about 18 months old. She was bouncing on my bed and fell off, smacking the corner of her eye on the bedside table as she went. Twas nasty pasty. Will show my girls these pics in the morning x


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