Friday 8 May 2009

More WIP

Another work in progress - this just shows the detail as I don't want to reveal too much yet!

This has been a bit of a slow burner project. I knew exactly what papers I was going to use (Patti Picklicious) and what I was going to print it all on - some lovely lovely felt ivory thick card. And that was it! I found these pearl topped pins when I was looking for something else - I do like it when that happens! I've added the seed beads because the pin itself looked a bit naked.

This one will form part of a set for my swop partner in Silkie Sue's Freestyle Blog Swop. I've got other colours on the go and another layout, and come hell or high water, these will be completed and in the post on Monday!

But, I like them so much, I could, just be tempted to make myself some. Not to use. Nooooooo! For me to look at!

So, once Nicola has received these in the post - I shall reveal all!!


  1. looks gorgeous,
    cant wait to see it all,

  2. what a lovely idea to put beads on the pin xx it looks gorgeous !
    maddy x


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