Tuesday, 5 May 2009

What We Did Over The Weekend

Didn't get much crafting done over the Bank Holiday weekend as we spent most of it out of the house! I did start on 105 Wedding place cards which I will show later in the week, and that's about it!

On Sunday we decided to go to the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, not far from Lancaster on the M6. It's not a huge place - not on the scale of Chester Zoo but you can get to see the animals really close! Such as these leaf cutter ants - Jacob was fascinated!

I actually thought there were little birds flying around inside the exhibit, but they were butterflies! I managed to take this photo of a butterfly feeding on part of a banana. I did attempt to take a photo of a much more brightly coloured butterfly, literally inches away from me but some great oaf knocked the branch it was on and it flew off (husband to blame!)

And here is a poisonous blue frog which looked really funny trying to climb up the side of the tank!

And this, apparently, according to the sign on the door is a young and stupid hand reared pheasant! Which, sat very patiently for me whilst I took his photo. And then hopped off the fence! As the Wildlife Oasis was not a big place, we'd been round it in just over and hour and a half. So we ate our butties in the car and worked out where to go next. Simon and I fancied going to the Lakeland Motor Museum as it has a replica of Bluebird and its all sited at Holker Hall, around 30 mins drive from the Oasis.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that both boys got free entry as they were under 6! We had a good mooch around the Motor Museum (didn't take any photos as not allowed!) and tried to explain to Samuel that the lump of twisted metal was once held the world water speed record. I don't think he could work out why the 'car' was all fixed and where the lump of metal fitted in. It helped a little with some photos of the wreck being lifted from the bottom of Coniston Water.

The obligatory ice cream was bought (orange and chocolate chip - yum!) as it was the local producers Market and we just had to have a look!

Because of the ice-cream and potential to drip, we walked around the gardens. Well, Simon and I walked, the boys ran! We decided, that if we won the £110 million on the Euro Millions, we could see ourselves living somewhere quite similar! The gardens were beautiful and very well kept.

Because it was a little windy, when walking around the side of the huge fountain, the boys got a little wet. The wind was a bit more gusty by the time we had walked to the top of the water feature and down again, and the little devils were fairly damp - giggling like imps but decidedly damp!

If you like spectacular colour then the rhododendrons are for you - beautiful fuchsia pinks and the purest of white. I did take some photos but they look pants - you really had to be there to appreciate it!

I was not allowed to take any photos inside the Hall, but Samuel asked a lot of questions of the tour guides (there was one in each room) much to their amusement!
A great day out!


  1. Fabulous pictures Ruth, that wildlife oasis sound like the perfect place for me to visit :)

    Carol x

  2. it looks as though you had a fun weekend and gorgeous pics....those cute little guys....Hugs Kath xxxx

  3. love the ice-cream smiles!! Bet yours was bigger behind that camera!! Looks fab, those ants are mega!

  4. There is a place a bit like that in Leeds called Tropical World which is fab! Kids under 6 go free there too. They have those ants there and loads of fabby Meercats (although I haven't seen Aleksandr Orlof amongst them).

    Looks like you had a great day and the boys look like they enjoyed their ice creams. I will have to show my girls! lol x


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