Tuesday 6 September 2011

Birthday and Back To School!

It's back to school day in our house and it's also Jacob's 6th Birthday! How time flies! So here is a picture of the boys all ready for school this morning and Jacob insisted on wearing his two Birthday badges too!

Jacob has pulled his trousers down from his waist as they are a little short in the leg already even though they were long on him when I bought them!!

Wonder how long their shoes will stay that shiny for......!!


  1. Happy birthday, Jacob and a happy first school day to you and your brother! My back to school day was september the 1st but my students will be bback on 12th, lucky them! Hugs, Miria

  2. love this pic ruth of your gorgeous boys and my how they are growing...big hugs kath xxx

  3. Precious! I would say they're so cute but think boys would rather have someone say they're so handsome!

  4. lol what a great pic! Love the thumbs 'up' AND 'down'! Happy Birthday Jacob!


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