Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Vintage Cars & Father's Day

For Father's Day we visited Brodsworth Hall in South Yorkshire. We visited last year too! Oh, just noticed that Samuel is wearing the same t-shirt!!

Once again there was a vintage car rally and here are some of the photos from the day:

This was a racing Porsche and the bloke let both boys sit in it and ask millions of questions.

This is a Ford Zepher and I just love the colour!

There were a few army jeeps and the boys were allowed to sit in this one

And try on the helmets - English and German. And yes, they were heavy!!

Attempt at an arty shot but Jacob was not impressed if you look closely!

Inside there was a new exhibition about sailing on the high seas with wigs and hats that the kids could dress up in. And my two, never shy when it comes to dressing up posed for me!

And here is the Hall taken from the field we parked in.

Great day out!!!!

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