Monday, 6 July 2009

It's Good Being Five

We spent most of yesterday at Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster. We'd noticed from the list of events on the English Heritage website that there was going to be a vintage car rally. And here are some of the photos from the day!

We'd not been there long when it chucked it down, so everyone took refuge in the doorway of the Hall. It didn't rain for long, fortunately.

There were some lovely woodland walks around the grounds and millions of wild strawberries growing, much to the amusement and fascination of the boys!

And there was an adventure playground with a real boat as the centre piece - both boys enjoyed 'driving' it!

So why is it good being five? Well, when you are five and very cute with lovely manners, you can ask the owners of classic cars some questions. Standard ones being, how fast does it go, how old is it and what does that do. And if you are lucky, you get asked if you want to sit in it!
Samuel, immediately agreed and here are the two cars he sat in (don't ask me what they are, I've forgotten!)

He loved it!

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  1. If he's polite he might get to sit in the front seat of Bumble too :)


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