Thursday, 24 June 2010

I'm In A Book!

I am so chuffed I can't describe it!! A fellow Moderator, Simon Easton on the Crafts Forum was asked to write a book on how to get started in Pyrography and asked for non wood crafters for help to show the diversity of wood burning and that it could be combined with other crafts.

So, naturally I offered my services and Si burned the initials H and S into two wooden discs so I could make Hayley and Stephens Wedding Card. I don't think I blogged it when I made it (doh) but here you can see it in print:

A close up of the card I made and see - my name!!!

I also asked Si to make a tooth box so that the tooth fairy could keep all Samuel's tiny baby teeth in together. Samuel likes dinosaurs and I wanted his name on the box and left the rest to Si. And here you can see how he made the design - IN HIS BOOK!!!!!

And here is the actual box. The detail is amazing - the dino is actually holding a toothbrush with the tooth that has fallen out on the grass.

Samuel's name has been burned into the wool in the style of bones. I am so pleased with the box to the extent that I am looking forward to Jacob loosing his baby teeth!

So, the book is called Woodburning with Style and is by Simon Easton. It's published by Fox Chapel Publishing and is not yet available to buy - but I've got one!! It's packed full of useful tips and projects and basically everything you need to know about woodburning. The only downside, and I hope you take note of this Si, is that it should come with a scratch and sniff page as the smell of burning wood is the best in the world!

You can actually pre-order it on Amazon via this link - and its a really good book to have! Both my boys have looked through it and have asked lots of questions on how it is all done.

Beautiful photos and a lovely writing style that will appeal to anyone!

Go buy!!!!

Thank you so much Si, for all the nods in the book - really appreciate it!


  1. That is fantastic. Gorgeous Card Ruth and the tooth box is fantastic xx

  2. Wow how did I miss this? Si is one talented lad and so are you getting published in a book! Well done Ruth.
    The Dino tooth box is just wonderful what a keepsake.
    Anice xx


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