Thursday, 10 June 2010


Look what we have in our garden!!!! And we think it's making a nest! And we think it's building the nest for little hedgies!! It looks awfully plump in the other two videos we have of it and it waddles across the garden ripping up bits of grass and taking it into its nest!

We think we've had hedgehogs for a number of years and two years ago we found a tiny baby one in the garden during the day. Sadly, it didn't survive and we buried it.

So watch this space!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh Ruth, isn't your hedgehog cute? I'll keep my fingers crossed you get some babies and that they survive this time

  2. Oooh... lovely visitor at your garden!!!

    Saskia :)

  3. How cute! Fingers crossed for healthy little hedgies this time
    En xx


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