Saturday, 6 June 2009

In Search of The Yellow T-Shirt

Thursday morning was a little fraught. Samuel had come home from school to tell us that it was Sports Day on Friday morning and that he needed a yellow t-shirt for his house colours.

So on the way to nursery, Jacob and I popped into Asda for a yellow t-shirt. No chance. Dropped Jacob off at nursery then decided to try Sainsbury's. Yippeee!! They had a plain yellow one, but had to buy the corresponding yellow and brown stripy ones too, but all three were only a fiver, so not too bad!

So Friday morning came. I took the day off work so I could go and watch Samuel. Jacob is not at nursery on a Friday, so he came along too. Whilst we were waiting, Jacob did a few rolls down the hill at the side of us....

The school field is actually quite big and there were a lot of different events taking place, but some of them I couldn't get close to see, so here are the highlights!

Samuel actually did quite well in the three-legged race with his team mate! Much better than some of the older children!

And there was an agility jumping / balancing event too. It made me think of Allison and her doggies doing the see-saw and pole weave!

Then there was a standing long jump. Now I hadn't realised that I'd taken such a corking photo of Samuel mid flight until I got home and put them on the pc!

So there you have it. And I don't know which team won.

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  1. well it doesn't matter who won...just as long as they all had lots of fun....and hey you have quite an athlete there...enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Hugs kath xxxxxx


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