Monday 23 March 2009

More Fimo Buttons

I made all these a few weeks ago but just not got round to blogging them yet. Although a few have found a new home and I've used a few on this card this is as far as they have got.

They were actually supposed to be blues and greens but decided to go with pinks, purples and reds, plus I've still got some left from the ones I made when I did the button swop last month.

These odd shaped ones are made without moulds and I've pushed seed beads into the fimo before baking. I think I should have been a little more forceful with the seed beads as some have worked their way loose.

The heart shaped buttons have been made with a shape cutter - I'd have never got them so uniform and straight without it!

So, that's it. Hope to do some more soon. At some point....


  1. Wow... these fimo-buttons are really lovely!! I like the colours, the shape,... great work!!!!


  2. I need to figure out what to use my buttons for - I might just keep them and stroke them from time to time!

  3. great little buttons, the beads almost make them look like sweeties(must be obssessed- everything either looks like sweeties or reminds me of chocolate just now!)
    AllisonX- who is obviously in need of a sugar fix!!!

  4. gorgeous the ones with the seed you put them in before you bake them or after....afraid I am a bit of Fimo Virgin
    Hugs Kath xxxx


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