Monday, 30 March 2009


Well, I am back from Harrogate and a few quid lighter (although didn't spend almost as much as I thought I would) but laden down with packages from the very wonderful Kath!

Myself, Jozza and Kath had arranged to meet up at The Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza on Sunday, held in Harrogate. Kath had some samples to drop off at the Craftwork Cards stand (slightly jealous that she gets to play with all the lovely stuff!) so it all worked out really well for a mini Funky Hand Design Gang meet!

We met up in the cafe area and had a good natter. Kath, to the surprise of Joz and I produced some wonderous packages out of her bag! Here are the ones meant for only me:
A beautiful little triangular box with a very cute birdy image on it (look at the ribbon!) and a lovely folder - all matching colours!

And just look what was inside the box!! Needless to say, it was ribboned back up again sharpish, before any little monsters realise what is inside and scoff the lot! That goes for the big Daddy monster too!
Inside the folder were lots of stamped images - I didn't have chance to properly look but I think they are all Penny Black (yeah!!)

Then I had this to open:

I am instantly recognising the Craftwork Cards card candy, plus papers and sentiments (forget love - fall in chocolate heheheheh!) And more stamped images! Penny Black again and some Daisy and Dandelion too!

I said earlier that these were the packages meant for me. I've not photographed the Easter finger making puppet sets or the tubes of Mini Eggs that Kath sent for the boys. Not that any of it has been eaten - just the light was fading fast and I wanted to get the photos taken!
Samuel and Jacob don't actually know yet that they both have surprises waiting for them and I can't wait to see what they say!!
And for once, I think both Jozza and I were lost for words - Kath's generosity is very, well, generous!! The funny thing is, Kath is just like she is on her blog but real and funny!
A big thank you to Kath for the treats and also to Jozza and her friend for making me laugh when I shouldn't!
Shall we do it again sometime?!
PS Met Kirsty Wiseman too!!


  1. WOW what a haul of prezzies!!! I bet you had a fab time, sounds like a great day :o)


    Amanda xxx

  2. the pleasure was all mine my very good friend....loved meeting up with you and Jozza and her lovely friend Nicky....what a fabulous day....must do it all again some time soon
    Hugs Kath xxxxx

  3. Wow!!!!!!!! It looks like you had a great day out :) And lucky you with all those packages :)

  4. I'm sitting here all green and monster like with jealousy.....grrr, not just for your fabby pressies (how lovely of Kath, bless her) but for the fact that half the funky hand gang managed to meet up and I wasn't there sob.......
    En xxxx

  5. twas luvverlie to meet u Roofie, hope we can do it again sometime!


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