Monday, 23 June 2008

Tagged - What Was Happening 10 Years Ago?!

Thanks to Kath for this tag!

What was happening 10 years ago? Well, I was still working for Kwik Save and Somerfield was on the horizon for the take-over, so it was a bit of an unsettled time, but 10 years ago I had no kids so didn't really have any worries!

Name 5 things to do today: Only 5?!! In no particular order: I need to email Lynsey the photos I took at Tara's Birthday Party yesterday; enter the Stamp Something Challenge with a card I whipped up last night; catch the train to Manchester and then back again; remember to eat my dinner (I get so engrossed in what I'm doing that I forget and then I'll be late and miss my train!) and continue to work on a report for work.

Snacks I enjoy: At the moment it is salt and vinegar Pringles straight from the tube with cheese triangles. Yumm!

Things I would do if I was a millionaire: Probably have more kids! But would build our own house with eco things - solar power, wind power etc and have under floor heating, a BIG bathroom and loads of room. Oh, and my own craft room with swish cupboards and drawers to put all my stuff in!

Places I have lived: Not many! I have only lived in 3 houses in my 30 odd years! And the first one was for 21 years! Rochdale, Whitworth (on the outskirts of Rochdale) and where I am now.

I am now supposed to pass this on to 5 others, but I think people are a bit tagged out, so if you fancy doing this one - feel free to!!

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  1. Aaarrgghh!! I wish I'd thought of that last paragraph, Ruth.. It is getting to be a struggle to think of people who haven't been tagged recently!! lol ;o)

    I enjoy them, personally, but I can imagine not everybody would.

    Anyway.. enjoy your day! :o)

    Heather xx


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