Saturday, 28 June 2008

A is for Apple

Just finished creating these teacher / nursery Thank You toppers and have added them to my website. Mostly inspired by the current PaperCraft Inspirations magazine but some tweaking done by me!

I've recently had a rush on education related toppers so I thought I'd better get some new ones made!

These are the product of two nights work....

In case you are wondering, the two pence coin is for scale, and no, it's not included!

P.S. I could have a big whinge about PaperCraft Inspirations and the latest subscription offer not being available only 2 weeks into a 3 month long promotion and the lousy customer service responses. I really would have liked the Laura Ashley Collection that was on offer but I won't.........!!


  1. Fabulous toppers and I agree with some of these offers to subscribe - you would think if they want you to subscribe - they would have plenty of stock.

  2. These are fab Ruth, especially like the last one with the torn notebook paper. Very clever x

  3. Love these.. they are sooo clever!! Amongst other things, it's great the way you've used hearts to create the frill on the rosette! These will go down a storm!

    I was given some Laura Ashley papers for my birthday, and they're lovely, so understand your frustration.

    Heather xx


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