Thursday, 26 June 2008

My Little Green Baby!

Look what I've treated myself to! Fed up of trying to eyelet set without the correct tools, I decided enough was enough and treated myself to this little funky green baby! And its very very quiet (apart from me swearing cos I've put the hole in the wrong place!)

Brand new from ebay - a snip at £10 including postage and packing. I did really really want the Crop-a-dile but could not justify spending that much for something I'd use every now and again.....

Just need to go and buy some more eyelets! So watch out for lots of creations with eyelets!! You have been warned!


  1. ooh I have one of those and I llooooovveee it- have fun playing with it

  2. I have the old-fangled hammer!! lol.. In fact, I use a big ol' heavy one from my dad's old toolbox!! Hey.. it does the job!! ;o)

    Have fun, hun! xx

  3. I suppose we can expect to see eyelets everywhere now but hey they are great threaded with your other fav - ribbon


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