Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Mingos, Pogs and Mats

We had a trip to Chester Zoo on Sunday. We are members and go fairly often, but with one thing and another, its been a while since we've been. The weather was not too bad - a little light rain but it didn't stop us! The boys love sitting on the cast iron lizard (or is it a gecko?!) and this time there was no fight as to who sat upfront!

We saw the rhinos too. "Why is that one dead Mummy?" asked Samuel in a nice loud voice, much to the amusement of the other parents. We told him it was just sleeping, but I don't think he believed us!
We also saw one of the tigers supplement its diet with a pigeon! I won't go into the gory details but the little bird didn't stand a chance! Fortunately, I think we were the only ones to see it happen and the kids were too busy running towards the tunnels......

These tunnels run under the Marmot enclosure with domes where you can stand up and view them in the middle of their territory. Of course the boys were more interested in running through the tunnels and screaming!

Or skidding!

So why Mingos, Pogs and Mats? Flamingos, Frogs and Bats. Don't ask......!!


  1. Wow it looks as though you all had a fun day out...love the piccie of the rhino sleeping...looks as though he had a heavy night.

  2. Can tell you were a photographer, Ruth.. these are great!!! Totally scrummy scrappage.


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