Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Fimo Disaster!

Ok, I'll share The Fimo Disaster with you! I decided to make some little tiny baby feet from flesh coloured fimo - no mixing involved as I bought the correct skin tone, and thought that I'd make a right pigs ear of mixing anyway.

I'd read the instructions at least 5 times on how to 'cook' the fimo and had done some research on t'internet. So I thought I was totally prepared. Made the little feet and was chuffed how well they looked. Then did the oven thing.

I'm not in the least bit domesticated - I very rarely do any cooking (except tea on a Saturday but that's with a wok and I can see what's happening!) but I thought I'd be ok this time as I'd done my research.

I got a little worried when I could smell something strange. Checked on the fimo and this is what I found.......
The fimo had been over cooked!! Husband thought it very funny and said the oven was too hot as it was a fan oven...... Some of the little feet had bubbled and were hollow on the reverse ......

Anyway, I did the process again the following evening and voila!! It all worked!!

Used fimo quite a few times and never burnt it since!!


  1. They are very tanned baby feet!!

  2. Ahhhh but you got there in the end, how cute are these toesies!


  3. Very cute, Ruth.. and the darker ones are ideal for African or West Indian babies! I wish I had thought of that for when my Nigerian friend had her baby last year.


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