Thursday, 24 April 2008

Busy Bees Thank You

This is a bright card - be warned! I was asked by Pam, the interim Manager at my boys' nursery to make a thank you card that she could give the staff when she leaves. She said I could do what ever I wanted.....

As its a Busy Bees nursery, I decided to add some glittery bees and the little person does look like Pam (I tested it out on my eldest and he said it was her, so good enough for me!) The lettering is Baby Face font from Cuttlebug - the left over letters have been used inside the card to also spell out 'thank you'. Bright yellow card from a big bag courtesy of Swirly!


  1. Love this - it is so cute - what a clever girl you are

  2. the busy bees are lovely and sure the busy bees will love the busy bees eh?

  3. This is fab!! I want to see a card now with the pink card I gave you :)

  4. Hello, great read! Please visit me as you've won an award!! XXX

  5. Whooo! Shall visit you Daisie!

    Swirly - I'll get one on my blog to show you!! Its not quite as pink as this is yellow, but you'll see what I mean!!!


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