Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Well, its not often I get stuck for words, but I am at the moment!

Thanks for all your lovely comments about me joining the FunkyHand design team. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such lovely comments!

And JBJB, I'd have to think twice about standing in for Anice on TV - I've got a broad Lancashire accent and have the tendency to not always think about what I'm saying. So I could go off at a tangent or swear!! Not that I would dare swear as my mum would kill me!! But if it meant me having a manicure (never ever had one!) then I'd seriously consider it!!

Promise I'll share some of my current 'things' with you this week - just finding my way around this blogging lark!


  1. You seem to be doing quite well with 'this blogging lark' already! I'd be terrible on telly too - I'd go bright red so not a good look on telly!!

  2. Cunning disguise, Tip Top!! ;o) Y'know, for someone who's stuck for words, you did alright!! lol ;o)

    Congrats on starting the blog, and for getting onto the Funky Hand DT! Didn't we do well?? hehe ;o)

    H xx


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