Sunday, 27 April 2008

Errrm, I got an award!

Thanks to Daisie for this! As I am still very new to this blogging lark, I'm not over sure what I'm should be doing, but I know that I need to nominate some blogs to keep the thing going.... But, there are so many of these around (I know this as a read a lot of blogs!) and I suppose they are a bit like chain letters, so, I'll do it a bit differently!

These are the blogs I love to read - inspiring, individual and funny.

Swirlyarts, Saysie, Funky Hand, IncyWincy, Ethel & Edna, Lazy Trout and Shaz

So ladies, don't feel that you have nominate!

Excellent blog eh?!!


  1. Ooh How exciting. Thanks SOOO much hun. :0)

  2. Ruth, I am not in the least surprised that you have won this award. (nods in agreement) Well done, girly! :o)

    Heather xx


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