Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Craft Juice Tuesday - week 6

Another Craft Juice Tuesday! And this week, I've gone with a colour theme of yellow!! I've got a sweet digi image of a duck to colour for a project and the colour is filling my mind! Click on each picture to be taken directly to the Craft Juice listing.

Wonderful bold zipper pouch by Antiquebasketlady

This yellow flower is made from polymer clay (why do mine look like lumps?!) by adrianneaudrey

Hmm, two little purses in one post? I think it's because I'm also becoming obsessed with storage, boxes and putting things away! Buy from dinkydaisy!

See you next week for some more Craft Juice Tuesday! It's free to register and once you have you can submit your own crafty creations and vote on the items that take your fancy!


  1. yellow is my favourite colour so I love all of these!

  2. Good selection. Loving the necklace, I am the same as you, my attempts never turn out that good

  3. Really lovely choices this week!

  4. All gorgeous, Love the bag a the top of the page.
    twiggy x

  5. Oooo lovely very summery x I love the necklace .. stunning x

  6. If you feel the need to tidy away then come round to mine :) Love the colour choice.


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