Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Cute Card Thursday - Soft Furnishings - Challenge 23

Over on Cute Card Thursday, the challenge this week is

Challenge 23
Soft Furnishings
you can use fabric, ribbon, stitching, buttons etc, anything you can find on the soft furnishings in the home ie curtains, cushions, sofas etc.

I've taken this one literally! The backing is actually fabric from a very posh sample book for cushions, curtains etc; I think the correct word is drapes. Hehehe! Came courtesy of my friend Shirelle. And because I was not really concentrating too well on cutting straight lines (I was watching the Olympics) I had to edge the fabric with glue to stop it fraying and then went over it lightly with 3d glitter glue.

Sumptuous ribbon from Lynsey's fairly recent clear out. Sizzix Christmas Trees cut from some very lovely gold sheen card bought from ebay some time ago which have also had the glitter glue treatment.

I have 2 big sample packs of the fabric, so I have a lot to go at. I've even been thinking that some of it would look quite fab as cushions..... who knows?! The old Singer may just come out of retirement (again) - last time it was for curtains for Jacob's room just before he arrived.... And I mended 3 pairs of jeans on Saturday with knee patches. Poor Samuel has waited that long for me to do the patches that the jeans no longer fit him! Jacob now has more jeans than he can shake a stick at!

  • Backing paper: Actually furnishing fabric!
  • Ribbon: From my stash via Lynsey
  • Embellishments: Christmas Tree (Sizzix) cut from gold card with 3d gold glitter paint


  1. Bootiful, as they say in this part of England!! Looks really sumptuous and.... chocolatey, if that makes sense!!

    Chris xx

  2. great card and the challenge was right up your street

  3. gorgeous card Ruth - the fabric is beautiful and of course that sumptious bow all goes so well together.

  4. Lovely card, love the big bow! Louise x

  5. Love the rich colours you have used, fantastic work


  6. This card is so elegant, but it also makes you want to touch it!!

  7. fabulous card, the fabric looks amazing and I love the large ribbon! thank you for joining in the CCT challenge

  8. Ooohh I love that ribbon! A very luxurious looking card, great work.
    Anice xx


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