Thursday 14 August 2008

I Am So Lucky!

I am really overwhelmed by the Funky Hand Design Team generosity! Kath had a little competition on her blog to guess what was her 'new toy' on its way from the US of A. As I'm not up on what is in and not (I just do my own thing!) I left a humorous response. And because she liked my comment so much I won a little prize - and the pic below is what she sent me! The lace border punch is her new toy and she also sent me some punched Fiskars Ribbon borders. And isn't the card beautiful?!

And then yesterday, when I got home from work, not one but two packages were waiting for me! I guessed who they were from right away from the postmark but was stunned when I opened them! The first had the card in - very beautiful (boys liked it and kept touching the flower!) And all the ribbon was in the other package!! And you just know that all that ribbon will come in very handy!! Thank you Chris aka Heather!


  1. Lucky you and gorgeous card and little parcel of goodies from our chum Christine.
    Glad to like the borders and I am sure you will put the ribbon slot one to good use.

  2. You're welcome, sweetie! The ribbons weren't much, I'm afraid... just a small token to say thank you for the papers! :o)

    Those Martha Stewart borders, though.... Wow!!!

    Chris xx

  3. You are a lucky girl Ruth!

    Now, a there a helpline for ribbon fetishists??? hehehe

  4. OOh how lucky are you, fantastic!!!!


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