Saturday 4 June 2011

32 Eddies and 2 Episodes of...

.. will leave that to your imagination! That was the journey to our holiday this year - Watermouth Castle (5th year running!) Here are a few pictures of the holiday

My brother, his girlfriend and her little girl joined us for a few days at the start. Whilst we stayed at Watermouth Castle, they stayed in one of the Lodges which was a minute walk away.

The Water Wars was a new installment and was great fun launching water balloons at your opponents! The big boys had to help the little ones as you needed muscles to pull back the bungie ropes!

The boys and Niamh

Samuel swimming underwater - he did 4 widths like this and last year wouldn't even get his face wet!

And a rainbow from our window.

On the Friday we took the boys carting which Jacob didn't quite have long enough legs for so he went in a two seater with Simon. Samuel was big enough!

I took a video of him driving around a hairpin bend and not braking but its struggling to upload - I think its too big!

PS Eddies is Eddie Stobart lorries!


  1. wooohoo looks like everyone had a fun time on holiday and how the boys are growing...hugs kath xxx

  2. wow ruth it looks like you all had an awesome time, i think the swimming pool piccy is my fav!! hugs Lou xxxx


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