Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Night Out With The Ladies...

I had a rare night out on Saturday! And here are some of the photos! My cousin Claire had organised a night out to go and see The Lady Boys of Bangkok who were in an NCP carpark on Bloom Street in Manchester. Well, in a huge marquee anyway! We saw them 2 years ago as well but this was a different show! It was a great show with a fair bit of audience participation for the males! Lots of singing and dancing - both performers and audience!

We had an Italian meal in Manchester (it's near Primark as I can't remember what it was called!) beforehand and was hoping that the torrential rain would ease. But it didn't. This is a photo I took whist standing in a bus shelter waiting for a taxi!
The customary group photo shot. I'm not in it cos I took it!!

L to R: Angela, Aunty Pat (Claire's Mum), Anna (cousin), Jane (cousin), Aunty Joyce (Anna's Mum with her mouth open), Aunty Susan (Jane's Mum) Lisa (cousin's wife), my Mum, Ann (Claire's Aunty from her Mum's side), Claire (cousin) and Angela (Claire's friend). See all their inapropriate footwear for the weather? I had my sturdy Timberland boots on - yes they laughed at first but I was the only one with dry feet. Ha!

Me after the show. And no, that is not my bottle as I was not drinking as I'd left my car at my parents so I could drive home afterwards.

And these of the girlies! I would like to point out that my face matches my top because it was ROASTING inside the marquee!

L to R - Lisa, Anna, Jane, me and Claire.
It was a good night and big thanks to Claire for organising it (and all the other previous night outs that we've had!)

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