Tuesday 30 December 2008

ACDC meets Hare Krishna

As promised!

You need sound for this one! We bought Samuel the guitar for Christmas (when he is a little older he will be able to learn how to play some classic tunes - Smoke on the Water etc) however we are not responsible for the cymbals Jacob has.....

And its my mum talking over the end of it.......


  1. awwww bless them.................x factor contestants in the making lol How long before you are regretting buying the guitar I wonder? lol


    Amanda xx

  2. Happy New Year Ruth...your boys made me smile :) xx

  3. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!

    That is so fab and very cute! Have you confiscated the cymbals yet?? Abbi got a whistle in a High School Musical present thing and it lasted less than an hour before it was top shelved! lol


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